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Frequently Asked Questions

You may have noticed an AgeChecker.net popup at checkout requesting your identification. The AgeChecker.net service is widely used in the online tobacco and alcohol industries to verify age. We understand it is an unconventional step for an online order, especially if you are not purchasing a regulated or age-restricted item. However, we found that AgeChecker.net has proven effective guarding against underage customers, ITAR-restricted purchases, and financial fraud associated with online transactions, all which financially devastate small businesses like the KF Armory.

We found that most of our customers are comfortable with submitting their ID for verification, just as we would request if you made a purchase inside our physical store. We realize your privacy is important to you, which is why your ID is never stored and immediately deleted upon verification. After your first successful verification you do not normally need to re-submit your ID for subsequent purchases.

A fact not widely known is that similar processes happen whenever a purchase occurs online from big-box retailers. Your transaction is audited and your personal details and shopping habits are uploaded to a massive Commerce Network database leveraging machine learning models to contextualize identity and intent insights delivering automated order decisions in real-time. These high-tech solutions, while effective, are expensive and arguably more intrusive to your privacy.

We take a simpler, more transparent human approach and simply verify that you are you.

We realize not everyone may agree with our policy, and we understand. However, as a responsible business we are not interested in catering to the anonymity of the internet exposing our business to online fraud. If we forego some potential sales because of our policy, we are comfortable with that.

If you have any questions or concern regarding our AgeChecker.net policy, please contact us at info@kfarmory.com or call us at (678) 990-3038.

KFArmory.com uses a real-time inventory system to track and reconcile our inventory! This means that if the item says it's in-stock, the chances are is it really is in-stock and ready to ship. We do not utilize dropshippers or other means of syndicated selling. All the items on our website are physically located in our store from where we will pick, pack, and ship your order.

There are very rare instances when an item is in the process of being purchased in-store before our online inventory is updated. If this happens we will reach out to you directly and offer you alternative options such as waiting for restock or refund.

Otherwise, 99.9% of the time you can be confident in the accuracy of our inventory status. And as always you may confirm the stock status of any item by reaching out to us at info@kfarmory.com or calling us at (678) 990-3038.

Sometime both.

Our product stock status is updated in real time, so for example if "in stock" says (4), there are (4) of that item physically "in stock" at our store ready to ship.

Sometimes the stock status will say "can be backordered," this simply means this item is also available for backorder. For example if you want an item that has (4) "in stock, but you need (5), (4) of that item may be shipped immediately to you and we will place a backorder or (1) for you.

If an item has stock status says "Out of stock (can be backordered)", we have (0) of this item in-stock. If ordered, we will immediately request this item from the manufacturer for you. Depending on the manufacturer the backorder process may be as fast as next business day to an indeterminate length of time. We will communicate the status of your backorder and work with you with alternative solutions when appropriate. If you have any questions regarding backorders please contact us.

Shipping charges are calculated in real-time by an online shipping calculator using the speed you choose for delivery, dimensional weight of the item(s), and value of the item(s) to insure. Your order may be shipped via USPS or FedEx at our discretion.

If your order requirement is urgent we suggest you call our store (678) 990-3038 prior to ordering to ensure you receive your order in the most expedited manner.

All FFL regulated items must be shipped to a valid FFL. Pistols must be shipped to FFLs via FedEx 2-Day Air. No exceptions.

If you choose "Hold For In-Store Pickup" no shipping charges will be added, however Georgia sales tax will be assessed.

Delivery can be a fast as overnight to 7 or more business days depending on the speed you choose for delivery, physical distance from our store, and when the item actually ships.

Most orders received by 12:00PM EST will be processed and/or shipped the same business day (Monday - Friday, excluding holidays).

During the pandemic we have noticed an increase in shipping delays. Shipping delays by the shipper are beyond our power to regulate, so if you need an item within a certain timeframe, please reach out to us to ensure your item is shipped with the correct shipping service to minimize problems you may experience.

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Cash, Check, Money Order. All checks and Money Orders must clear our bank account before items any items are shipped to you, no exceptions.

We do not accept crypto.

KFArmory.com website is secured with a GoDaddy.com Web Server Certificate. Transactions on the site are protected with up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.

Your items or items are picked, boxed, and shipped! You may check the status of your order, including Tracking Numbers at Order Status, email at info@kfarmory.com, or call us at (678)990-3038.

Yes, it is available in My Accounts and will be emailed to you upon ordering.

We understand that order failures are frustrating. The most likely reason for order failures is the transaction being declined by your bank. Sometimes the order amount is flagged by your bank as suspicious and declined. Another cause for failures is due to our fraud detection. Our systems require that you enter your information exactly as it is listed with your bank, if the information differs significantly, your order may be put on Hold or Declined.

But don't panic! Please reach out to us and we can often clear up any problems with a phone call or email.